Why use Mortgage Experts Online?

By using the service of our accredited online mortgage advisor’s you can save yourself time and money, while ensuring you get the best possible mortgage for your individual circumstances.

As a result of the increase in people working from home, the use of video calling and secure electronic document transfer has become more widespread, therefore getting mortgage advice online has never been easier!

Furthermore, as no two mortgage applications are the same, and as there is increased lender scrutiny due to COVID-19, going direct to your own bank may now not be an option available to you.

In short, the best option for you could be to use an online mortgage advisor.

How do an online mortgage advisor’s fees work?

As with all mortgage brokers, our accredited online mortgage advisors adhere to a fee structure that is governed by their mortgage network.

Before fees are agreed, your online mortgage advisor will discuss the amount of work involved in obtaining a mortgage on your behalf, and all fees will be agreed upfront before deciding whether to use our mortgage advisor’s online services.

Your initial consultation is always free, so contact us to see if we can help.

They will also receive commission from the lender; however, this does not affect the rate you receive or mortgage payments you make whether you do this through our brokers or directly with the lender – so let us remove the stress from the process by using an online mortgage advisor!

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