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At Mortgage Experts Online we understand the difficulty and stress involved in finding the right mortgage. Whether this is due to previous bad credit, a complex income, limited self-employed trading history, non-standard property construction, or a combination of these, there are very few scenario’s the mortgage advisors we work with have not come across.

There are lots of factors that you believe may be stopping you obtaining a mortgage from a high street lender. Each lenders has different criteria (even on the high street), so just because you cannot get a mortgage with one high street lender, does not mean it is not possible with another – criteria knowledge in this area is key!

When it comes to the specialist mortgage lenders there tends to be even more flexibility within their criteria.

The brokers we work with are able to assist in obtaining a mortgage for the following specialist areas;


1 Year trading

Salary and Dividends

Salary and Net Profit

Retained Profits

Declining Profit

Day Rate Contractors

CIS Contractors


Agency Workers

Zero Hours Contracts

Fixed Term Contractors

Foreign Income

Investment Income

Rental Income


Remortgage up to 5.5x Income

HTB Equity Loan (full or part redemption)

Debt Consolidation

High Debt to Income

Capital Raising for Business Purposes

Capital Raising to Settle a DMP

Capital Raising for Home Improvements

Capital Raising for a Family Gift

Capital Raising to Purchase a Second/Investment Property






Debt Management Plans


Debt Relief Orders

No Credit History

Low Credit Score

Missed/Late Payments

The above is not a comprehensive list of where we are able to assist, so feel free to contact us to speak to an expert today. We have advisor nationwide.

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