unencumbered remortgage

Unencumbered Remortgage

An unencumbered property is when you own a property outright with no mortgages or other secured debts on the property. Check out our ‘all you need to know’ guide to unencumbered remortgage below. ...
let to buy mortgage

Let to Buy Mortgage

In the simplest terms, this is when your current residential property is changed to a buy-to-let mortgage and you purchase a new residential ...
remortgage with 6 months

Remortgage Within 6 Months

If you have recently purchased a property and need to remortgage within the first 6 months, you may be thinking what the best way is to do this. This article will tell you everything you need to know. ...
Debt consolidation remortgage

Debt Consolidation Remortgage

Everything you need to know about debt consolidation remortgages ...
interest only remortgage

Interest Only Remortgage

Interest only mortgages were more common a number of years back, as it was seen as a cheaper way to get onto the property ladder whilst keeping down your monthly payments you will find out everything you need to know in this article. ...
remortgage with bad credit

Remortgage with Bad Credit

Our article on remortgaging with bad credit will tell you everything you will need to know. Our experts have access to the whole of the market. ...

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