Gifted Deposit Mortgages

Getting onto the property ladder can be tough. House prices are increasing and so are the deposit levels needed. At first, it may seem virtually impossible for first-time buyers to save a deposit. However, a mortgage with a gifted deposit may be a viable solution for you with the right advice.

Gifted deposit mortgages are one of the most common ways first-time buyers are able to get onto the property ladder.

This article will outline everything you need to know about getting a mortgage with a gifted deposit. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your circumstances with a mortgage expert, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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gifted deposit mortgages

What is a gifted deposit mortgage?

A gifted deposit mortgage is when money is gifted to you towards your deposit. This can be the entire amount or just a portion of your deposit. The gifted deposit can come from family or friends.

Each lender has slightly different criteria around who they will allow a gifted deposit from. Some lenders will only allow it from close family members.

The source of any gifted deposit for a mortgage will be closely looked at. Anti-money laundering rules ensure that the gifted deposit must have a clear paper trail. Your mortgage broker & solicitor will want evidence and documents to prove the money is from a legal source.

If a deposit is loaned to you, this is not a gift. This would not be acceptable for most lenders. If you are unsure on anything around a gifted deposit mortgage, always speak to a mortgage broker first.

How much of a mortgage deposit can be gifted?

It’s possible, but not guaranteed for the whole amount to be a gifted deposit. Your individual circumstances will determine if this is possible.

The more complex your situation, the more this will affect which lender will be available to you. Specialist lenders will typically want you to put in 5% of your own money towards the deposit, but this is not the case with all specialist lenders.

Your mortgage expert will be able to give you tailored advice for your circumstances. Get in touch with our team if you’d like to learn more.

Mortgage deposit from family

This is the most common type of gifted deposit. Many parents are now helping their children onto the property ladder with a gifted deposit for a mortgage.  The gifted deposit can also come from siblings & grandparents, this is accepted by most lenders.

The more distant the family member, such as uncles, aunties, or cousins, the more care needs to be taken. Not all lenders will accept this type of gifted deposit  from those family members. Always check with your mortgage advisor beforehand.

Are gifted deposits from friends acceptable?

These types of gifted deposit are riskier from a lenders point of view. The feeling is, there is more chance of this being a loan and more susceptible to money laundering.

There are certain lenders which will accept this type of deposit. The paper trail will need to be closely inspected by the lender, in order to determine that the gift is genuine.

With gifted deposits from friends, one thing to keep in mind is that the number of lenders will be limited, and this could affect the rates being offered to you.

How to get a mortgage with a gifted deposit

The process is a quite simple one if followed in the correct way. Always speak to your mortgage advisor first before you start getting any gifted deposit.

All lenders will want some form of gifted deposit letter, some will have their own template, others will not. The information required on the letter will all be similar:

  • Name of the person gifting the deposit
  • The amount being gifted
  • Property address
  • Mortgage lenders name & address
  • That the person gifting the deposit has no interest or rights to the property
  • Stating it is a gift and not a loan
  • Source of the deposit – i.e. savings
  • Signed and dated by all people gifting the deposit

*There may be other criteria dependent on the lender.

Documents for the gifted deposit

The persons gifting the deposit will also need to provide some documentation to the lender and solicitor. These will be:

  • Proof of identity – passport or driving licence
  • Bank statements showing the funds
  • Proof of address – recent utility bill or bank statement.

Documents are required due to anti-money laundering regulations.

Vendor & landlord gifted deposits

This normally happens when a landlord is selling the property to the tenants. Because they are already in the property and have a good relationship with the landlord, then sometimes the landlord will sell them the property below market value.

However, there are instances where a vendor wants a quick sale and will reduce the property price (discounted purchase price). Lenders will want to check that its not a distressed sale and the property is worth the full market value.

Vendor gifted deposits are not common and not all lenders will allow this sort of gifted deposit. There is a limit to the amount of discount accepted and the lenders will generally want you to put a certain % of the deposit money in.

Speak to your mortgage advisor who will be able to give you tailored advice for your circumstances.

 House builders gifted deposit

This sort of gifted deposit is normally from new build builders, these can also be known as developer gifted deposits. Generally, these are used as an incentive to generate a quick sale.

Lenders will have a limit on the % they will accept. New builds are perceived as higher risk and more deposit will be required for a new build. The Help to Buy scheme means you can get a new build with 5% deposit. You can read more about the Help to Buy scheme here.

Gifted deposit for a mortgage with bad credit.

With any bad credit mortgage, the lender will look at the profile of the whole case. The more complex the situation the more this will impact any mortgage application.

It is possible to get a bad credit mortgage with a 100% gifted deposit, but the options will be limited and this will be reflected in the interest rate offered.

Best advice is to get an updated copy of your credit, you can do so by clicking here.

Speak to a gifted deposit mortgage advisor

We are specialist gifted deposit mortgage advisors; our experts can help you to find the right gifted deposit mortgage on the market to meet your specific requirements. From big high street banks and building societies to smaller, more niche lending companies, there is a lot of choice out there.

The brokers we work with are whole of market and offer completely unbiased advice – ensuring that you get the absolute best deals available. If you are looking for mortgage advice, fill out a contact form online or call us now on 0300 124 5655

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