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Halifax Return to 90% Lending For First Time Buyers.

Updated 3rd December 2020

Halifax First Time Buyers Mortgages 90% LTV

Halifax First Time Buyers Mortgages 90%LTV products for first-time buyers as of 8 December.

The lender says that the product will only be available for FTBs and that new build properties will not be included, along with any schemes.

Below is list of the criteria.

  • FTB only (at least one applicant on a joint application must be a FTB)
  • New Build Properties are not included
  • No Other “Schemes “can be selected
  • An enhanced credit score requirement will be applied to any application on these products
  • A maximum 4.49% loan to income cap will be applied as apart of the affordability assessment
  • Maximum loan amount £500,000
  • Credit commitment started as to be repaid by completion will still be counted in the affordability. The loan must be affordable with the credit commitments in place

It’s a very positive step with Halifax First Time Buyers Mortgages 90% coing back onto the market. Hopefully, this will encourage a few more of the high street lenders back into this arena.

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