Keep Your New Home’s Energy Bills Low

Switch to a more affordable energy plan

Switching energy suppliers is by far the quickest and easiest way to save money on your energy bills. In fact, Brits have noted savings of up to £400 a year simply by switching to a new energy supplier. These are hefty savings, so why not try it out for yourself? As we enter the winter, we don’t want to be overpaying for our energy bills, since these are more expensive months, generally speaking. If you haven’t switched suppliers in a while, it’s highly likely that you are overpaying, which is unnecessary and easily fixed. In fact, opting for a green energy tariff from an eco-friendly supplier can help you keep your costs down, and be kind to the planet! Look into Bulb’s tariffs, for example, to assess the cost benefit of switching to a green energy plan.

Put on more clothes!

This is definitely the cheapest way to stay warm while keeping your energy bills down! Not only will wrapping up keep your costs down, but it will also reduce your dependency on your central heating, allowing you to change your habits in the long run. Although this seems like a simple tip, lots of people don’t think about this before heading straight to the thermostat. In fact, putting on an extra layer can help you shave pounds of your energy bill each month, since you will become used to going to your wardrobe before your temperature dial.

Use a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat works with most existing boilers including gas, heating oil and electric varieties. However, your system must be compatible with a thermostat in order for it to work properly. Then, you will be able to get in touch with a technician or engineer who can come and fit it in your new home.

So how does a smart thermostat work? Essentially, you can change the temperature of your home from the sofa, or even when you aren’t at home at all. All you need is an app that is paired with your smartphone and you can regulate your home’s temperature from wherever you are. If you have a smart thermostat already installed in your new home, make sure it is ready and set for winter.

But remember – don’t change the temperature of your thermostat too often, since this can have the adverse effect and cause your energy bills to rise! Your boiler will use more and more energy simply by heating up and cooling down again. Keeping your home’s temperature steady is better for your bills and the environment.

Add some extra insulation to your home

You can start simply, making sure your curtains and blinds are shut, trapping heat in. Or, make sure that your windows are clean so that sunlight can enter your home efficiently and not get trapped outside. Although sun is rare during these winter months in the UK, we should try to make the most of welcoming it in when it appears from behind the clouds.

Insulating your home is a slightly bigger change you can make to save on your bills. It’s definitely worth doing, especially if you haven’t moved into your new property yet. Having proper home insulation can make you big savings, as you will trap all the heat that you generate inside, rather than losing it through poorly insulated doors and windows. No matter how much heat you produce at home through your radiators or underfloor heating, you will never reap all the benefits if your windows and doors aren’t insulated properly. Moreover, having a well-insulated home will keep you healthy. Living in a chilly house is bad for your health and can give you a cold, or worse, a fever! To give you an idea of the savings home insulation can bring, the Energy Savings Trust claim that you can save up to £215 each year on your energy just by insulating your roof.

Save water

As you move into your new home, figure out ways in which you can save on your water. Check that no pipes have the tendency to leak and source any causes of water loss. Moreover, invest in tools which will save your water, such as a low flow shower head. This will reduce the amount of water that comes out of your shower head, without affecting the feel of your shower. Moreover, invest in an eco-friendly kettle. All of these small changes will actually lead to big savings down the line and reassure you that your new home is eco-friendly and sustainable.

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